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China Post Tracking

Founded in 1997, China Post Group Company is the official postal service in China. The company is part of the Chinese government and is the official delivery service for all of mainland China, save for Macau and Hong Kong which have their own delivery services. Although China Post is just over 20 years old, its predecessors goes back to the Customs Post Office founded in 1878 under the Qing Empire.

If you have a parcel delivered by China Post, they will offer a tracking number so you can trace the package on its delivery.

How Do I Track my China Post Package?

You simply enter the tracking number at the China Post tracking site. You will get a response that offers the latest known location of the package you have sent. Each package delivered by China Post that has a tracking number will be scanned as it makes its way to the destination.

Alternative means of tracking packages through China Post are not as reliable or efficient as using the online site with the tracking number. You may go to the China Post official site and try to have your package tracked through other information if you do not have a tracking number. But otherwise, you are advised to use the tracking number site at China Post.

What Does a China Post Tracking Number Look Like?

China Post offers a 13-digit tracking number that is used for domestic and international deliveries. The tracking number itself will start with one of the following letter combinations.

  • C, LF, R, or U

The tracking number normally ends with a CN. A typical example of a China Post tracking number would be LF123456789CN. There may be variations depending on the numbers assigned, but the 13-digit tracking number is typical of most China Post packages.

China Post Delivery Times

For those who live outside of China, China Post offers three means of delivery for your package. Depending on which one you choose will determine the time that it arrives at its destination.

Air: For parcels that are delivered by air, this form of transportation can deliver packages from China to anywhere in the world from 7 to 15 days depending on the destination. The air delivery service is fast, reliable, and quite expensive depending on the size and weight of the package itself.

Surface Air Lifted (SAL): This form of delivery uses air transportation between countries, but when it reaches the destination country the package is transported using buses, trucks, or trains. If no convenient air travel is available, then SAL will use land or sea transportation again depending on its destination. It generally takes 15 to 20 business days to complete. However, it is cheaper than the Air service provided by China Post.

Surface: No air travel is used in this type of package delivery service. This means that between countries the package is delivered by sea and then by land until reaching its destination. While the least expensive form of delivery, expect it to take from 40 to 70 business days.